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My wonderful roomie is leaving to move on to brighter pastures..and an awesome boyfriend..

So, now looking for a new roommate.

It is a gorgeous 2 bedroom apartment in a Victorian Farmhouse in Etobicoke.

- 2 bathrooms (One between the bedrooms and each bedroom has a door)
- Spacious living room, dining room and kitchen
- 2nd floor, so no feet above your head :p
- Large outdoor deck with a private staircase onto driveway (Staircase is a little scary, but I'm working on it :) )
- Landlords are awesome and family..:)
- 10 minute walk from Subway station (Islington)
- Rabba, convenience stores, pubs all 2 min away
- Old quiet neighbourhood with lots of big trees (and raccoons..lol)
- Includes all amenities, including cable (Yes, TMN channels). Also access to rogers cable for computer.. I use a laptop, but I can set up my Mac if

$510 per month..(each)

Available around the beginning of July..but dates can be worked out. I can afford it myself, but it would be nice to have that money in the bank :D

Only serious inquiries please.
Pm me or email alyzia2003@yahoo.ca

My home is my sanctuary. If you feel the same, love to hear from ya!

Ps:: Must love dogs!!! I have a 'joint' custody agreement with my roomie, so a rather large dog will be visiting..often!!
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I've decided to move the available date to nearer the end of July. With the amount of work I'm doing this month (I'll also be away for a week)..and the whole move issue, my roomie and I don't really want to be stressing too much :) .... But again, these things are workable.. As I said, I have no problem waiting or moving up the date for the right roommate.. :)

Ps: Alex, I've already informed any interested parties.
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