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Anything good friday night?


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i will be in toronto celebrating my best friend and my birthday..... is there anything good to do?
doesnt have to be breaks, house is good, disco, brit pop...whatever


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nice neil!

im celebrating my bday this weekend too..

im going to a goa party and madbar on friday night, then saturday it is the how oldschool are you party..



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the dj from the roots is spinning a set at roxy blu for a 416 party. he is supposed to spinning hip hop, house and soul. it should be good, garage 416 parties are the bomb.

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this is just a one time friday night & not a weekly,
Im dJing in brampton this friday for shadownbass

9 Queen West (queen & main)
Brampton, Ontario

19 + & $10 cover.

its a breaks night: dJ's are
meltingman, the electrician, martymcfly, & DEXTRA
(who is one of the promoters of shadowbass)