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Anything goin on in Montreal this weekend?


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Depends wht you're into but there's always a party in Montreal :D

I for one am hitting Stereo this Friday for DJ Heather...should be a great night!
Stereobar beforehand should be fun too....3$ drinks and some good locals playing. There's a deal for entry to both Stereobar and Stereo i believe..
Eloi Brunelle, Bear and PAtrick Dream are playing saturday but i'd def recommend the friday if u like it funky...

There's also Felix da Housecat at Aria on the same night (10th).

For more infos check here www.mtlnights.com

Hope u have a good time!


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see, i want to go to that shy fx event, its just that I have to leave T.O. on friday after work, I'm not entirely sure I can make it there on time to party, because I would still have to pick up some things before I left, and on top of that I'm prolly gonna be really really tired when I get there, and I dont want to be in a shitty mood getting to the party........I may still try anyways.........
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