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Anyone want to go to a free yoga class at trinity bellwoods this wknd?


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Hey ladies..

I'm not sure if someone posted this already but..downwarddog is having some free yoga classes this weekend.

saturday 10am and 4pm at trinity bellwoods

sunday 10am at kew beach

monday 630pm at trinity bellwoods

I am still a newbie when it comes to yoga and I don't know much about this yoga studio at all, but hey..free is good.

I think I might try the 10am or 4pm class tommorow.

Anyone want to join? Bring a yoga mat, sunscreen and an outfit you can sweat in! It's gonna be hawt!

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If I can get up for 830 I will be at that 10am class~!~!

Killa..you just show up..the website said the south part of trinity bellwoods near queen street.

bring a yoga mat..if you don't have one..a beach towel will work too..i am assuming we will be doing this on the grass!

yay. i hope i wake up in time!!!!!!
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SInce it is free I'm sure it will cater to everyone. hopefully!

I am gonna head down soon :)

I dunno..I think, what better way to try something than for free ;)
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man I wish I had seen this last night :( maybe I'll try for the 4pm today or tomorrows 10am

I could use some pointers ... since I have like 0 experience