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Anyone want a pair of VIP tickets + 2 nights accomodation to Igloo fest this weekend?


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So, both me and my boyfriend won a prize package from RA for Igloo fest this weekend.

* 2 VIP tickets
* 2 nights accommodation @ Montreal Inn - Bed & Breakfast - Hotel - Auberge de la Fontaine

Problem : Transportation isn't included, neither of us drive, and we don't feel like shelling out money for VIA or the bus as booking them on such short notice is kind of expensive.

Solution: Since we now have two sets of winning prizes, I'd be willing to give the 2nd prize package to someone in exchange for a ride to Montreal. Preferably heading out sometime Friday, returning sometime Sunday.

I think I need to let RA know fairly soon if I can make it or not, so if your interested let me know.

Lineup this weekend:

Jan 21st:
Andrew Weatherall
Round Table Knights

Jan 22nd:
Guilluame & the Cotu Dumonts
Pepe Bradock


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Offer no longer stands, had to respond to RA saying if I could accept or not - and I had to decline.


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:( I would have definitely taken you, but this was a bad weekend! My mother flies in on Friday. I wish the dates could have been different. :(


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RA hasn't announced the winner(s) yet, most likely they will try and contact someone else to claim the grand prizes.

I'm guessing that's why they hounded me for an answer on if I could go or not, so they could contact someone else if needed.
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you could've always hichkhiked via craiglist there are plenty of $30 dollar rides (one way)