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anyone use Logic Pro?

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if you're going to do it you'll need to spend a lot of time getting to know logic, it is probably the most fucked up sequencer to learn. that being said i personally prefer logic to cubase but since i haven't tried a version of cubase since sx i'm not really qualified to speak much ill of it. just personal preference for me i guess.

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definitely need a tutorial book to go along with logic. but once you start to lear it, it all starts making sense. not really familiar with other sequencers though.

This is what I used... There's an 'advanced' book too. You can get it for pretty cheap if you order online through chapters/indigo.

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as it stands, my cubase sx 3.x cannot do stereo sidechaining due to the old vst protocol (basically it's internal system cannot allow for this) whcih means i cannot do any stereo sidechaining/ducking.

apparently logic can do this.

i heard that a new apple store opened up in the eaton centre, i'll go check it out there.

thanks for the comments!
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