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Anyone up for a night out soon?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by michellmybelle, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member

    Hi [​IMG]

    I moved here from Toronto fairly recently, and have been completely slack about getting my ass out to party and meet people. Almost everyone I met through TRIBE in Toronto were incredible people, so I was thinking maybe there's a good night out coming up soon that a few of you are planning to attend...maybe I could hook up with you guys(?) [I feel like I'm one of those kids in elementary school that no one paid attention to..."Hey guys, can I come too?" !!]

    Anyway, I don't realy know where to go or who the good local DJs are around here (house is my preference), so any feedback would be great.

  2. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    Hello I know exactly how you feel I moved out here from K/W in september for univ. I live in Victoria but if theres something good going on I will definatly make the trip over if you want someone to party w/
    just ICQ me 31463203 and we can organize something
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Me too.
    I felt a little lost when I first moved here even though I knew a lot of people.
    I'm not too sure of any house nights in Van.
    I live in Whistler and onlky get down to the city about once a month. That will be even less now that the snow is here.
    FYI- my friend throws a small jungle and breaks night at this place called Milk. It's beside the Lotus Lounge. That's on Fridays if you fel like checking it out.
    If any of you guys ar up in Whistler, Drop me an email.
    Gary oot.
  4. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    Count me in as well.

    Hey artoodeetoo my buddies and I are hitting whistler either this weekend or the next, I'll drop u a line.

    As for club nites, this Thurs at Wett Barr, is Christopher Lawerence, nice place, good atmos.

    ICQ: 3614269
  5. Metal Morphosis

    Metal Morphosis TRIBE Member

    hey guys
    me and JOsh (Tearer) are coming to Whistler on Sat. to party.

    we should hook up somewhere.

    call my cell 604-763-4089

    i want to go dog sledding
    anyone else???

    come on - it will be the 1st annual tribe dog sled event.

    yeah so call me!!!
  6. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I wish I could I'd love to go dog sledding but I have 2 exams on saterday.
    DAMN SCHOOL !!!!!!
    oh well some other time I'm up for it
  7. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member

    Well, it sounds like Whistler is the place to be...

    I'll start trying to figure out how to get up there, and maybe a few of us will hook up?

    Ninja, let me know if you hear of anything good, and the rest of you, thanks for the ideas about places to go. Maybe I'll check out a few this week.

  8. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I might be heading up to whistler sometime next week when my exams are done so I'll post it on here if anyone wants to come and get some riding in,

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