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Anyone seen Rare Birds yet?


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Rare? I saw a young chick today with her head up her ass. Yup this bird was driving a chevy on the 401...


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Sigh. Perhaps I should be more specific ... how about if I rephrase the Q. to read "Anyone seen the movie Rare Birds yet?" Would it help if I mention Molly Parker?

... Although your commentary on the chevy-driving chick with her head up her ass would find a lovely home in the "bad drivers" thread ... ;)

p.s. & here I thought referring to females as "birds" was a mainly british thing ... I hereby stand corrected. :)
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Argghh !!!

Well ... I guess this is what I deserve for asking about a movie with such a ridiculous title, hmm? :rolleyes:

Anyhow, lucky you Rosey .... I'd rather have a pic of a bald eagle from Jasper than a review of a movie anyday ... :)

p.s. Guess I'll have to just take the big leap on this movie & hope for the best.


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every now and then you can see Peregrine Falcons downtown in the financial district. I only knew they were Peregrines because somebody told me, or else for sure I would think they were hawks or something.