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Anyone seen Dennis?

Non Doctor

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Has anyone seen Dennis, a great Philippino guy who used to hang out at Turbo and System Soundbar a lot around 2 years ago?

I used to work with him and he just disappeared off the face of the earth???

No-one has any contact details for him.

Hope he didn't party too hard.


The Non Doctor
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I believe I know who you are talking about. He ended up in the hospital with complete amesia. A friend of mine received a call from his sister when it happened because their number was in Dennis' phone book. We received no further information after that day, and he hasn't been around since.

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Booty Bits

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whoa smilez, are you serious?

thats some pretty crazy ish.

i just saw a movie called Two Thousand and None, starring John Turturro. he has a brain disease and at one point, he loses his memory (a symptom of the disease). his personality changes so drastically. he has to implicitly trust those who claim to be his friends...his ex-wife tells him that shes his wife, and he believes her...so they live as husband and wife until he dies...

anyway, it got me to thinking about the fragility of the human mind. what are we without our memories?

Non Doctor

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Yes, Smilez was right... it was the same Dennis...

possibly overdid it a little bit.

What does the Dennis who goes to element look like?

The Non Doctor
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I knew Dennis too!
He was a super nice guy, really fun.
I believe that the amnesia story is true.
Too bad...:(