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Anyone partied in Monterrey Mexico before?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by -Rudebwoy_Chin-, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. -Rudebwoy_Chin-

    -Rudebwoy_Chin- TRIBE Member

    Just curious. Cuz thats one of my considerations for studying abroad.
    Any information is greatly appreciated.
  2. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    Does videoconferencing count? [​IMG]
  3. -Rudebwoy_Chin-

    -Rudebwoy_Chin- TRIBE Member

  4. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    You're choosing a place to go study based on party merit?

  5. -Rudebwoy_Chin-

    -Rudebwoy_Chin- TRIBE Member

    No. Im choosing a place based on a number factors. Night life being one of them cuz I dont choose a place to study based entirely on academic merit. The point of studying abroad does not solely depend on academics, even the brochures say that.

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  6. graver

    graver TRIBE Member

    Jiga and Jinno of Analog Pussy played there after their Toronto show and wrote a lengthy debriefing after in a private email:::

    Hi clayton

    12 hours after landing in Germany (from Canada), we took off to Mexico.
    first party was awesome; 2,000 sweet happy ppl came to see us in an open air in Guadalajara (Oct 6th). deco was amazing, vibe was burning like a spicy taco.

    but this isn't what we want to tell.
    this time it will be about... a party that sucked !

    Mexico/ Monterrey/ open air/ October 13th:

    a few years ago, the scene in Monterrey was booming.
    the trance/rave culture was well developed, all the hotshots played there, thousands of people came to the parties.

    then the local authorities decided to put an end to it.
    with police, dogs, and a twisted propaganda in the media they were fighting against the freedom to dance, and apparently they won.

    why was it so important for them? politics and money of course.
    apparently, the Mexican beer manufacturers are financially supporting the local authorities in this district.
    in the years rave was flourishing there, people stopped drinking beer!
    they preferred water while raving. that pissed off the beer corporations in Monterrey and they decided to finance the war against trance.

    last year, the last big trance party in Monterrey was a total disaster. hundreds of people got arrested, including Horacio, the party promoter and two British dj's.
    some bribes had to be made in order to free the dj's and send them back to England (after 3 days in prison).

    the same promoter - Horacio, was throwing this event we were about to play at.

    when we heard the story, we were like - um... we arent really fond of jail...
    but Horacio said he bribed the right people in the police so that it wont happen. ohh, what a relief (??)

    nowdays, people are afraid to attend parties, locations are far away from the city, very hard to arrive there, no public party promotion, and no budget.

    350 ppl came to this party. the sound system guys were late and not prepared. we waited freezing in the car for hours till they built the stage.
    when the party begun, some electricity cable got over-heated. there was a small explosion, fire and lot of smoke. the sound went dead for one hour.
    people got pissed off.
    the cable was fixed by hand cos there wasnt any spare. there was a sound for a while and then it died again for another half an hour. people started leaving.
    later when we went on stage, the sound went off for 2 minutes only. lucky us...
    though the people who stayed at the party seemed to enjoy themselves,
    the vibe was gone.

    when the party ended, Horacio the promoter was driving us back to the hotel,
    and was talking enthusiastically about his next party, with glitters in his eyes. we looked at him quite shocked and asked -
    "...after all you've been through, why do you keep making parties???..."
    and he just said: "...i can't stop! "...

    in our opinion, he just defined the real meaning for "underground".

    see pics from the Guadalajara party:

    and listen to Analog Pussy's mix on a radio show in Canada:
  7. BassInMyFace

    BassInMyFace TRIBE Member

    LoL, go into any dark alley after midnight and say things in english, youll have a blast.(Fails to contribute)

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