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Anyone on a bike...

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"crazy guy on a bike" is a mandatory for a snow storm. You also need "line of plows" and "guy spinning his tires in a windrow while passerbys push".


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I was biking on the weekend, I've biked like 90% of the days this winter so far, but today......fuck no.

There is a point when biking in THIS much snow becomes almost literally impossible. It takes more effort to bike than walk.
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I've been biking as well but not this week. I was thinking of riding my quad to work but I'd be worried about a bunch of rednecks hotwiring it to do donuts on their lunch break.


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We ride all winter : as long as the snow is packed down or not too deep. Conditions have been perfect for ice biking






the fat bikes are great for "plowing through snow" but I do well on my "skinny studded tires"


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I would say that I ride my bike to work 98% of the time. Maybe only 3/4 days so far this winter I haven't...and that includes today. No can do.