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Anyone know of iPod repair shops (online or walk-in) other than Apple

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
So, 14 months after the purchase (2 months past warranty) I am having problems with my iPod. I can connect it to my PC for recharge, but I get an error msg saying iTunes cannot recognize (insert name of iPod), please use the software updater to restore to factory settings. I can still play songs on the iPod, but not update it.

I have downloaded the latest iPod software updater 3 times already, along with the latest iTunes, restarted my PC, all to no avail. I have gone into the iPod has a hard drive to manually format it, again to no avail. I’m guessing no one has had this happen, but if so I’d love to know. Or if anyone know any tips other than pouring water on it… Apple wants $350 to repair it, which is a little less than what I paid for it.

The point of this thread is, does anyone have suggestions for places I could visit and/or send my iPod in for repair that they have experience with. Has anyone gone to a 3rd party provider for iPod repair? I know there was a thread up for battery replacement.