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anyone know a toronto street map with postal codes?

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TaCk OnE?

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what you're looking for is a "perlies" or "perleys" or however they spell it.

little thick yellow book...go to a map store, there are several downtown, or one of the major bookstores might have one.


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Note that's not a detailed map, but should be adequate for the various regions of Toronto.

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Originally posted by Hipsterave
I need a map that will define my territory for work so there are about 800 addresses
do you have a specific postal code? you can enter it at canadapost.ca in an address range search and they will give the address range for that code. you can then see the territory in a map book.
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I don't think they'd actually have a map with all complete postal codes, as some buildings (such as the one I'm in right now) have more than one postal code.

I think the best you're gonna find is the map that was already posted... other than that, you'd have to look them up individually.