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Anyone know a good Spa downtown?

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spa at the elmwood, and they have another one that is affiliated with them...but i can't recall the name, sorry!

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i went to this place last year for my birthday (thank you albert, i love you!) and i really enjoyed it. its kinda old school since its a european syle spa as opposed to one of those new age kinda california ones, but i found the people there really talented and also soothing.
just dont get roped into any of the sauna/hot tub stuff...its a rip off.
go for a full back massage, manicure, pedicure or facial.
Nouvelle Maria Spa and Salon
Nouvelle Maria Health Spa is a first-class European style health club with beauty salon and sauna.

The sunny and spacious day spa is located on the mezzanine level of Le Royal Meridien King Edward hotel. Clients have access to luxurious separate saunas, whirlpools and lounge facilities for men and women. The atmosphere is one of fresh cut flowers, soft music and hushed voices. From the moment the doorman on King Street welcomes you into the lobby, you will feel pampered and utterly relaxed. Complimentary towels, robes and tea made with fresh lemons and natural honey are provided.

Groups of up to 50 people can be accommodated for with tailor made special packages -from a few hours to a whole day. Beautifully packaged gift certificates are also available for all services - select one of our packages or create your own!

Spa services include massage, facials, hair care, make up, waxing and skin, body and nail treatments. For further information and bookings, please call Nouvelle Maria Spa direct on +1 416 363 4333
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There's the Spa on Elm (which is on Elm street close to the Eaton Centre). It's good, reasonably priced and has a cozy, relaxing environment. Then there's the Stillwater... it's in the Park Hyatt @ Avenue and Bloor. Uber expensive but beautiful... still the massage I had there was mediocre.

Did you wanna get her a really good massage or a nice relaxing day at the spa? (they're two totally different presents really)



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Im looking to pay a couple hundred bucks, its for a friend that has been a little stressed lately, figured that it might be nice to get her a nice massage ect.


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Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic
I sent my girl to Elmwood spa (Elmwood btw Younge & Bay) a couple of years ago and she seemed to really enjoy it.

Quite right... Elmwood not Spa on Elm.... my bad
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Stillwater is totally fantastic if you want to splurge

Elmwood is fairly good, but if she has experience at other spas she might find the services average

I really enjoy Patricia Miller at Avenue and Eglington, they're small but they have the best facials and body scrubs


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The OLD MILL SPA! I used to work there on reception. They have the best products, staff, and very clean and quiet atmosphere. Plus you can meet her after her services and have a nice lunch and a walk around the grounds....It's very nice.
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Ditto Much

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Originally posted by thom100
Last minute shopping and yes it is this best I can come up with...

when you pick it up ask them to back date it a few eeks on the certificate...

(always best to look like you bought it a month ago...)
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