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Anyone into any of these labels?

The Truth

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Just looking for some general comments...

New Religion


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I like some of the stuff on New Religion,especially Kirk Degiorgios' stuff. Immigrant is usually quality aswell,can't say im much of a fan of the Bio,Raygun or Deslin work and the Residual stuff isn't my cup of tea,some Titonton work is alright IMHO.


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Delsin - some decent stuff by Norken (aka Lee Norken aka Metamatics), on this label, as well as Keith Tucker's "Optical" LP that completely rocks Detroit stylee. All the rest is more or the IDM'y type stuff esp. Aardvarck and New World Aquarium (great stuff from them). Aroy Dee has done a few tech-house cuts on this label too, but they just didn't fit my style.

Headspace - Tom Churchill has jammed out a few spacey tech-house choons for them, but the best material on this label is done by Hannah who really kicks out some Moodymann style jams. I really dig her stuff on this label.

Downlow - Best minimal electro label out of Texas, every release a winner with me, haven't been able to track down the latest by Dan Curtain. Best release has been the first one by Convextion, but every release is a guaranteed detroit style drool-fest.

Iridite, Keynote and New Religion - I haven't really paid attention to these.

Emoticon - Home of Russ Gabriel and several other more IDM'ish/Broken Beat type acts. Interesting material aimed to the left of the dancefloor.

Starbaby - Home to some of the best American acts portraying the detroit sound outside detroit. Titonton Duvante, Tejada, Fabrice Lig and several other very musical artists populate this labels releases. Some strong stuff here.

Raygun - Electro techno label out of NY. Home to several quirky artists including Hakan Lidbo, Fabrice Lig, Ulysses etc. Strong IDM/electro releases. I think Canadian boy Sneak Thief has his strongest release yet coming out on Raygun very soon called "Cold Ways" watch for it!!

Rushhour - Not only a label but also a distribution company, home to several tech-oriented broken beat labels as well as several tech-house labels. Invariably the Rush Hour stuff is also a division of tech-house and broken beat type stuff, hyping artists like Domu and many others that I can't remember without the records themselves in front of me.

Immigrant - Tejada's label, if you don't like anything on this label, then I don't think you like tech-house.

Residual - Home of early Todd Sines, Titonton Duvante and some Morgan Geist out of Colombus Ohio. There is a wicked Dan Curtin remix of one of Titonton's tracks on this label, that anyone who likes vocally tech-house should own (I have it on promo can't remember the title though, there's an Alpha-Omega jungle mix on the A-side). Sines album is kick-ass bleep-no, and Fabrice Lig's single on this label is SUPREME!!

Bio - Home of Vince Watson, thing big room tribal with Hoovers and conga's, not usually my deal, but hell this is the label that put out a Misstress Barbara mix that Tekkid likes so take it from there.

odbx - your vinyl commentator.
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sorry tekkid and skip,but that track is a fucking piece of shit,I hate it its fucking trance bullshit.


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Originally posted by ian
Is it bad that the only one I recognize at first glance is Immigrant?

-ian g.

Since Todd's rant I realize I recognize Headspace as well :D

-ian "mostly remembers records by colour & sound" g.


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Originally posted by ian
Since Todd's rant I realize I recognize Headspace as well :D

-ian "mostly remembers records by colour & sound" g.

...but aint it a pain in the ass remembering which 'black' record you were looking for?
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