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Anyone in Construction ? look here !!


TRIBE Promoter
I recently obtained some heavy duty construction equipment and have no use for it. Equipment incl. ::

- several diamond cutting blades (12")
- 1 demolition hammer (heavy duty Bosch) w/ case
- several lights and heaters as well.....

any interested parties should email me directly at prodj666mf@hotmail.com
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
Hey Unabomber .. maybe you should use the demolition hammer at your Bloody Valentine party .. might make some interesting f'xcts ... hmmmm


TRIBE Promoter
i can think of MANY ways of using a demolition hammer..trust me...

but all would either get me arrested or killed...

so i think i will just sell it.


TRIBE Promoter
oh..i forgot the prices....

Diamond blades new are $100+.. I will sell for 1/2
Demolition Hammer (this exact model) is $1198.00+tax new.. i will sell for 1/2 (no tax)

lights and stuff..negotible.