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Anyone have?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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its a Konflict tune...unless BC made a track of the same name??? don't think so though

and sorry, i don't have it


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Yah its Konflict homes. Unless you talkin bout somethin else. It's Konflict if you are referring to the ever so popular yell at the beginning before the drop.
Got it on wax and mp3.
consider yourself hookt if you get this.

Dr. Grinch

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You happen to have the MP3 of Shake It by Shy FX then??

I need in the worst way.. lemme know..
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Dr. Grinch

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Stormshadow, check out the dubplates section on www.dogsonacid.com for the shake it remix.

Yah, if you have a good quality version of Shake It in MP3, drop me an email.

I'll set you up with an FTP account.
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