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Anyone have experience with a rosin pressing service?


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If anyone has used and would recommend a rosin pressing service I would love to hear from you. I would be sending a quantity of flower through the mail so I'm only looking for recommendations from a trustworthy service, due to the obvious risk.

Or if anyone here has a setup and would want to press and keep a percentage of the end result, I'm all ears.

Thank you
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Good USA made presses are expensive. They don't have to be. There may be a market for Canadian made presses at a lower price point.
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Solid silver?? :p

:) no no.

These things are basically car jacks with a heated plate or plates, a timer, a thermostat). They aren't worth the $3.5K USD people are charging for them. That whole micro category is in need of disruption, especially because there is a need for quality home pressing in Canada.