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anyone have a Windows undelete tool


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Does anyone know of a good/free windows undelete program?
Or a not-so-free one but would let me borrow thers? :p

about 80 gigs of "electronic sheep" (screensaver, bunch of mpeg video loops of fractals) went missing last night for some unknowen reason. Using a 'demo' version, I can see that most of them I can recover, but I dont feel like shelling out $60bucks CDN to just recover some deleted files.

(and no, they are not in the recycle bin)
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Scroll down in this thread

You should be able to find an answer. The Ultimate Boot CD helped me through 2-3 format fuck ups, and it should be able to help you with your problem. Takes a while to find which program to use but just know that the answer is in that CD.


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Also don't write anything to that hard drive until you have recovered them. That way you should be able to retrieve practically 100% of your missing files.