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Anyone have a cheap pocket bike for sale?


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It's probably a longshot posting this on here, but I figured i'd try anyway.

My current obsession.


They may look like toys, but a full grown adult can actually ride it, and it can accomodate anyone up to 300lbs. In fact, they can have up to 12hp and go up to 62mph if they're tuned, and yet, it only weighs 40lbs.



Anyhow, I figured this would be a suitable substitute for the money conscious wannabe-racer.

Even though they might look inexpensive, some of them are sold for $3,000, which in my opinion is way too much.

So does anyone on here know of a person, or maybe even a dealer in Ontario that sells these things used, for maybe between $500-$1000?
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Although they look fun, from a money perspective i would suggest you go with an older full size bike... 1990... Even older...

I really want to get my self an older enduro...

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jus me

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For me those things are.......NORMAL sized! :p

HHAHAAA. WTF! first thought that came to mind.......are those things REAL?

how much do those things weigh!?!


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Originally posted by Astroboy
mais oui. the zx6rr

Both of you should know that that is the new ZX-10.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

And verrrrg, in response to your statement, I already have a streetbike which I'm trying to upgrade to an R6, but that's not the point.

Racing a pocket bike is peanuts compared to the cost of racing a ZX-10. Think about how much repairs would cost if you dumped your new ZX-10 and how would you get it home in the event that you did smash it? You'd defenitely need a trailor, which means you'd need a truck to tow that trailor. Even a full fairing kit on a pocketbike doesn't cost more than $100, whereas the fairings on that ZX-10 would cost upwards of $2,000.

With the pocketbike, I can literally throw it into my lap and get a friend to drive me to the track. Not to mention, you can race it at an indoor go-kart track like Formula Kartways in Brampton where they have a separate oval track for rented track time.
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I know they had those pocket bikes on display at the toronto sport bike show but that's abotu all I can tell you. .

second hand info from my brother who was there.
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*cue circus theme*

modern clowns have long since abandoned water-squirting flowers and climbing out of small cars.

the next generation is here, and they're serious!


Jeremy Jive

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These things are pure jokes and laughs but the novelty wears off after about ten minutes.

jeremy -worse than my scooter- jive


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Hey Jer...

you still have your scooter?


Mr. Furious...... so true so true. price is definitely a difference when it comes to dumping a bike vs. pocketbike.

But I still think the zx-10 a hot bike. If money were rice I'd have one this spring. And pocket bikes woudl be alot of fun as long as you had a crew of friends who had em too. Time trials are only SOOO fun.

You're going R6. I'm going zx-6. Do you have a bike now? I'm gonna wait for the thaw and see if I can spot a deal somewhere.

<-- no licence yet but enrolled in the humber course for late april! I can't wait.


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Originally posted by vveerrgg

<-- no licence yet but enrolled in the humber course for late april! I can't wait.

Is the course necessary? I talked to some guy in the summer and he claimed he didn't do a practical, just went to the ministry, wrote a test, and walked away with his bike licence.
He could have been talking shit, because he did that alot the more I talked to him.
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Will, i have a much better answer for you!!

buy a 4 stroke dirt bike, my fav is the KTM 525 EXC, and then set it up for super moto racing. with a large front brake, lowered suspension, steering damper, and maybe an exhaust. You also need rims that are the right size, as dirt bike rims aren't. then you can put street tires on it, and have it certified for the road.

the beauty of this, is the insurance savings due to the low displacement of the engines. you can get honda and yamaha 450f's too.

With solid handgrip protectors, dumping a bike like this, rarely costs much, provided the bike doesn't hit a car, or curbs...

there are many differing racing series evolving where these bikes with custom cut slicks race on courses made of about 60% pavement, and 40% dirt and jumps...very intense, and really awesome to do, and watch!

check it out a bit, and see..you may ditch the street bike altogether. Something like this can perform both track, and street duty effectively, and cheaply! all the while providing mad thrills and fun...

I should also mention these kinds of bikes are HOOLIGAN bikes on the street. Wheelies and stoppies like no tomorrow.



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speaking of motards......

IF this ever came to canada I would so get it for tooling around!


the Yamaha XT 660 X

the coolest super motard going!


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I am expecting to see alot of these on the road this year.....cheap fun bike.....2004 honda 599 :)

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