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Anyone had any experience with BEHRINGER speakers? Are they any good?


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I was looking to perhaps pick up a small set of active speakers that have some punch but are also lightweight, to potentially use for a beach party someday, and saw the BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B210D model...

I don't believe I have ever used BEHRINGER stuff before... Is it any good?
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Sal De Ban

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I had behringer dj headphones - they fell apart after one use (and left ear speaker never worked). Owned a new behringer mixer and it was so noisy (static). Owned many mixers since that - and all have outperformed the behringer. I have to agree that their brand is all about price point and 100% entry level. Would not buy ever again.
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Behringer Truth Monitors are an industry standard. I would say the line of Studio Monitors at least do not suffer from the poor construction of most of their lines of products. They are very well priced as well.


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The truth monitors are kind of like the stopped clock being right twice a day. All their gear is absolute feces but those monitors are an incredible value. The powered PA speakers I've heard of theirs are horrendous