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Anyone go to Building Blocks?

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Little1, Aug 19, 2001.

  1. Little1

    Little1 TRIBE Member

    I checked the reviews forum but there doesn't seem to be anything yet so I'm asking here.

    I wasn't able to go but I'm very interested in finding out how it went. I would have loved to see Jarkko since its been years since I've seen that man throw down.
  2. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Oh shit was that last night???


    And I wasn't invited.


    Minister of best kind of building blocks.

  4. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    it seems like one of those situations where the event is only promoted to an exclusive group of techno-snobs - who don't go out anyway, or it is promoted in such an underground way that nobody ever hears of it, thus nobody attends.

    We had a comic about this style of promoting a few years ago in TRIBE: the party that is so underground that there are no flyers, no promo at all, too underground even for word of mouth - nobody anyone knew went to it so nobody can really say how it was. Only, years later, people will refer to it as "the best party evar"
  5. leigh

    leigh TRIBE Promoter

    i wouldn't call it the best party ever, but it was pretty damn good...

    there was no certain style of promoting attached to this party. and it wasn't geared towards just "techno snobs". i picked the flyer up in one of the many stores on queen st that had it. someone posted some info about in on here. i also read about it on bleep.ca. hardly underground at all...

    all those "techno snobs that don't go out anyway" really showed up last night. the place was packed, the music was amazing, the set up was PERFECT....

    now now alex. just because the flyer didn't have the tribe logo printed on it....

    so...for all you kids who want to know whats going on around town that isn't stamped with the tribe logo - try http://www.bleep.ca
  6. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    3 words - Save me Jebus.
  7. leigh

    leigh TRIBE Promoter

    that was classic. [​IMG]
  8. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    i am not shitting on building blocks. i am just suggesting that perhaps more people would have known about it if they had promoted it here.

    their choice i suppose.
  9. Brandon

    Brandon TRIBE Member

    Was that the "guide to being a superstar DJ" comic? Where you end up consuming buckets of fried chicken and get bigger than DJ Sneak?
  10. matty

    matty TRIBE Member

    Ian Guthrie & Mike Shannon played great sets. Mateo was a little hard for my taste, but I could see people were getting into him. I didn't get to check out much of the live PA action upstairs (anyone?). The space was done up quite nice. I've never been to Stardust before but I've read some horror stories about the place online. The only problem I had was how hot it got downstairs.

    As for nobody showing up...The place was full of people having a great time. Not one shirtless gino, glowstick, ODing child, or pair of phat pants in site either.
  11. em

    em New Member


    sadly, that was the only highlight for me... the music was suffocating... no, it wasn't the pathetic lack of air, there's something physically affecting about music that barely has any dynamics -- it was CONSTANTLY stressed. no air in the sonics. even DNB has space to breathe.

    i've heard some kick panties techno before, the kinda stuff that makes me kick it even when i'm really socially conscious... last night just made me envision german nerds in their studios trodding out technically appealing mash. gimme some repressed DJAX pleez.

    i felt like i was at a gay club in montreal -- 95% guys in attendance, generic banging music and hell, i even saw two guys dancing ass to ass (there's a first). difference being that i felt comfortable at the gay club, last night i just felt like everybodies drives were laying dormant.

    props to the decor tho; nothing like garbage-bagged walls. seriously, i liked that part.
  12. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    glad to hear it
  13. Nub!

    Nub! TRIBE Member

    I wanted to check that party out [​IMG]
  14. Little1

    Little1 TRIBE Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys/girls. It's too bad I had to miss it.
  15. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Nice snotty comments for someone who prides themselves on being a beacon of solidarity and respect in an already fragmented scene. Good work alexd. I'm sure your legion of drool monkeys will stumble behind you and wipe up your venom.

    On a review tip, went to the party think I caught some of Mitchell's live PA, kinda boring and the upstairs at Stardust is gross.
    Bolted a g&t and ran downstairs. Don't even know who was spinning as there were no times posted, but caught the last 45 minutes of good tech-house moving into GREAT electro stuff at the end. God, I really have to pick up more electro, what awesome tunes to dance to.

    The next guy up (glasses, balding, smirky, Mateo Murphy?) threw down hardcore techno that I just couldn't get into. Way too monotonous. I noticed this at the Klip party during Carola's set, I'm just not into static musical styles in a set. Give me contrast, play the beats off one another, surprise me.
    Anyhow, the basement at Stardust was kinda cool (lights, smoke, etc, very 1989 warehouse feeling), but WAAAAAAY too hot. Left exhausted (after working 12 hours that day and having to get up at 7am the next) after a couple of hours.


    PS Stardust: Perfect venue for an old skool disco party.
  16. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

    hmmm.. this is a bit of a harsh comparison. Ian has promoted sold out nights at industry and played host to big ticket DJ's like Hawtin, Mills, Rob Hood, Andrew Weatherhall.. etc. Justin has promoted equally large scale events at the Guvernment.. mabye these guys just wanted to throw a small party. I thought it was a pretty solid evening.. freeworm were fantastic!

  17. drave

    drave TRIBE Promoter

    Personally, for my Promise parties, I don't like to have any logos at all on the flyer.
    I want the flyer to be a sleek piece of beauty if at all possible and not look like a stickered-up race car.

    If alex and tribe could help support us without a yellow logo on the flyer, that would be the best for everybody.
    It seems so corporate to rely on the physical logos on paper. Why not just bite the bullet and just rely on what people in the scene have always relied upon which is positive word of mouth.

    Too many flyers are out there with about 20-30 logos on the bottom half of them and it really dilutes the strength of the association. I sometimes think that promoters want to have the logos on there just to legitimize something in the eyes of the 'consumer' that may or may not be the legitimate product of hard work.

    If someone put my logo on their flyer and they had a half baked or somehow disrespectful party (ie overpriced water, mean security, djs not showing up, sound too loud/quiet/ugly, no proper dance floor or lighting) then it would look bad on me and that's something that I can't afford. If my logo is all over town on flyers of crap parties, then I am committing suicide in some ways.

    Just my two cents.

    I wont be putting any logos on my next flyer either, not Tribe, not coke not the toronto sun or penzoil or Ferrari or anything, so if anyone wants to find out about it, just email me and I will send you info.

  18. drave

    drave TRIBE Promoter

    by the way, it was a good party and no one expects any less from Justin.

    If you could only see him pacing the room before a party imagining all the stuff that will happen there later and how the lights will look in each corner of the room and how it will sound in each part of the room you would know why. I have seen parties/nights where the bulk of the promoters don't even show up let alone stay all night.

    care shows through.
  19. LoopeD

    LoopeD TRIBE Member

    I'm curious why there's no thread about Revolution @ Comfort Zone on Friday - did it get cancelled or something? I wanted to go but something came up........

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]d
  20. liquidgenesis

    liquidgenesis TRIBE Member

    First thing you notice once you walked into this party was the heat. God-damn, it was a sauna. That made it hard to dance. And it was pitch black. So so dark. NE ways.

    The music was alright, but I'm not that much of a techno junkie, so that's all I gotta say about that.

    And what's all this bs about techno-snobs? A lot of nice people in the place. Got offered enuff joints to smoke, too bad I quit a while ago....

    Overall a decent night, nothing to go home and cry about.
  21. liquidgenesis

    liquidgenesis TRIBE Member

    I made that comment to my buddy on the way home from this party. That was so true..
    I walked around downstairs and counted about 16-20 chicks in a total of what?......250 people? damn.
  22. peanut butter

    peanut butter TRIBE Member

    I used to really dig the Toronto techno scene but it's really too bad it went to shit.
    Mind you the music still rocks and their are some amazing innovators locally BUT

    Everyone in the tech scene's got this attitude about themselves (it's not even a music purist thang...)

    Good music also means good people to me. In techo, this has changed dramatically over the past few years.

    Thank goodness for fun-lovin' friendly breakers and AlexD's unbiased support of Canadian music in general.


    p.s. Can't stand those trendy thin wire glasses all those tech geeks wear...
  23. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Drool Monkey #1 reporting!

    Nice comments, by the way. Good to see you find it easy to generalise people who are into a certain type of music by the clothes they wear, when anyone who parties a lot knows that ALL kinds of people are into ALL different types of dance music. Seems to me YOU'VE got more of an attitude than anyone I see at techno parties.


    Moron. Yes, I have an attitude too, but mostly towards stupid people.
  24. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    wipe the shit of your face boy, the fact that there are not tons of hoochy fake breasted mommas & g-drinking meat heads or does not make it a bad crowd. I will take a geek any time , they actually have something to say .
  25. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    I will take a fake breasted momma pleaze!


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