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Anyone find them selves listening to "Net" radio more ??


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I seriously love listening to net radio.. ID&T, PUREDJ.. etc..

only because no commercials.. and they are all genre specific.

I don't think i've tuned into an FM station in a while

I think this is a sign of the future of radio


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Agreed Jay

I cant handle radio anymore, it completely sucks.

Commercials, and the same 20 Creed songs over and over again have driven me away from FM.

Lack of content and commercials (except for MoJo) has driven me away from AM.


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ive never listened to the 'real' radio... ive always had cd's in my car, or cd's and mp3's at home.

i do listen to net radio occasionally, its nice to hear some fresh random music, that is yes, genre specific :)

im also a fan of ID&T, just imagine if you live in the netherlands, you could get it on your digital fm dial!!


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Although I can't stand the real audio format..or real radio for that matter, those streams that play in winamp are great. I listen to web radio more than I listen to my cd's/mp3's... although it's too bad the Drone Zone is no longer online :(

What a difference it makes in quality when broadcaster don't have to meet large oprating costs...
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I was listening to alot of DJshows last week but I kept getting repeat programs :-( I need some live audio. !
Dnbarena's great for archives but low sound quality.
I listen to selected FM still.
CFUV here in Victoria (U.Vic station) minimal commercials and good tunes *shameless plug* esp Hi-Fidelity wed. 11:30-1am
and CBC's ok, it was alot better a few years ago before the mass amounts of call in shows came in to effect.
Brave new waves still rocks. and well patty schmitt's voice is damn sexy.


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i love musicmatch

i know some people hate it, but i think it's great

i just use their free artist match radio function - perfect for jazz or hip hop (not sure about other stuff)

if i want to skip the next song i can - it introduces me to tons of artists that either i wasn't sure about or hadn't even heard of

but that's just me - i hated winamp when it first came out because i had to constantly search for stuff and then put it in a playlist (just no time for that)

this does it for me, i'm so lazy :)

it's actually making me want to buy cd's again (i have maybe 15 cds total) - because i can get a good feel for an artists sound before committing
which i guess was their point
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I never really gave internet radio a fair shake, after having impressions formed in the early years of streaming technologies. But I'm a regular proton radio listener these days. Their content kicks ass and is continuously innovative.

The only problem I'm seeing with the whole internet radio thing is in its sustainability. Commercials do suck but bills gotta be paid yo


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Originally posted by deep
Commercials do suck but bills gotta be paid yo

In the future, man, we're gonna take all the bills and all the money and compost it and grow weed and granola trees.


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I've been a regular listener of BBC's Radio1 for at least 5 years. recently the quality of the service has really improved.

Cheers ... Ian :)
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i'm gonna check out a few of these sites,
but i just put in dj dan in music match and it has him :eek:

why did i not do this before?


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only time i listen to the radio is the morning shows, and two for tuesdays on 97 rock. lol.. gotta love double doses of classic rock!