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Anyone ever get these in their junkmail? What's the scam?


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Because if there is no scam what's the point? I continually get e-mails that say this:

i think you are hot i love your pic lethookupaddmetomsn mine is

from different e-mail addy's, all from earthlink addresses, but of course they are one way, if I write to ask where on earth they saw my pic the thing just bounces back...
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could be a test email to see if you respond, then they send more (real) spam to you. it validates their list.

never answer spam, positively or negatively. just delete it.


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Often times you don't even have to respond to validate the list - if the email has images in it, a lot of spammers use a tracking gif that is unique to your email, if you open it or have your preview pane on your email client downloads the image and bingo, they know they have a live address and that the message was 'read'.

The moral: turn off images in your email client!!!

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