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Anyone ever been to Budapest


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I am going to Budapest at the End of Sept/ Begining of October??

Has anyone been? Any stories/thoughts?

I heard the women are really beutiful, and the nightlife is great but aside from that, details are sketchy.

cheers, Christopher Reynolds


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Ha...that is where my Mom was born.

I don't think either of us like it in the ass. But I do think we're rather cute.;)


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I was there a few years ago.

Its a beautiful city. Just beware of people trying to take you for a ride. We got ripped off a few times in a few days.

There are lots of cool buildings to check out, and its a great city to walk around.

Check out a bath! They are all over, and pretty crazy spots.

Stayed at a cool hostel there: Backpack Guesthouse. Very chill, smaller place, if that's what you're looking for.

Have fun!


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Budapest is beautiful, much like her women. wander the banks of the Danube at night to see the parliament buildings and castle district all lit up...it's truly a stunning scene

you'll eat some kickass liver over there, too...mmm
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Hungarians are hustlers like you wouldn't belive. Be cerful, couse they will rape you on prices. If you go to a restaurant make sure you check the prices for everythig. sometimes what they do is you order a meal expecting the whole plate to be one price but when the bill comes you find out that everything costs extra. ie the bred the fries the ketchup the cutlery the tip all have added costs. It isn't going to be cheap either.

Try to stay away from strip joints. Expecialy the ones where the girls stand out side and latch on to you like flys on shit and try to lure you inside. There are all kinds of scams. If you buy the girl a drink she will order something of the menu which cost $200-300 dollars. Things like that. If you refuse to pay the bouncers will kick the shit out of you. They have an ongoing problem with this.

Try not to buy anything in the city center area couse the prices are double or triple in some cases.

Be aware of taxi drivers couse they are bastards . They will sometimes give you wrong directions and things like that intentionaly just so they can make money of you. Like you will be in the right part of the town but they will tell you that your supose to be somewhere else and that they will take you there for a good price but actualy they will drive you around for a while and bring you right back where you left of a few blocks away.


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Budapest was easily my favorite city in Euruope. There is such a strong mixture of architecture(imperialist, socialist, modernist) and the prices are insanely cheap and the people are easily some of the most beautiful on the planet.

If i could get a job teaching english in budapest i would do it in a second.

That being said there are some dodgy things that do occur but nothing you cant handle if you are smart while you are there.

Here are my the things that stand out most in mind.

1) if you are leaving in september start taking classes in hungarian. Hungarian is part of the Ural altaic language family and as such as, has more in common with mongolian and korean then any of the other language familes in europe ( with the exception of finnish.
trust me on this you will thank yourself for it later. Honestly hungarian sounds nothing like you have ever heard before and unlike german or italian or spanish you wont know even a few words and you wont even know simple expressions it causes alot of problems. Also very few people there speak english so you are fucked in that sense as well.

Learn the language if only to be able to communicate with the girls there which i will mention in list item 2. Honestly, when i was there, there was ridiculas amounts of good looking girls. However, if niethier of you can more then hello it is only going to take you so far.

Me and my friends felt like we were at an all you cant buffet and everyone in the whole city was diving in but us because we were unable to speak to the waiter to tell him that we wanted the buffet.

It was fricken annoying!!!!!!!!! i had girls buying me shots and whatever but....if you cant speak the language you are fucked.

You can say well just motion towards your apartment or use body langauge but...really it wont work.

2) girls: everyone there is a model. I dont know what it is but this is true. They all have amazing faces and really striking skin.

3) The prices: i was there for about 2 weeks and went out partying every night and i spend about 500 dollars thats including my accomadation.

4) go to the bathhouses

5) go to socialist park

6) See if you can go several weeks earlier and go for the budapest love parade easily one of the best times in my life.

ok here are some of things you have to watch out for.

1) the metro( naturally its not called that its closer to sobrnizditzakezzy) in the city while providing wicked transport has these ticket guys who go around checking your ticke etc... . What usually happens is when you get on the metro you get your ticket and have to get it stamped by these little machines. Make sure you do it otherwise the police will hassle you.

Even if you get it stamped chances are the fake police will hassle you. These guys can be a real problem. Which is why again i stress taking some langauge courses right now because you will have no way of getting out of it.

Basically what happened to me when i was there these two goons meet on the platform and motion to see my ticket. I provide it to them and even though it was stamped they indicated that i had to pay them money etc...

I was like no i already got the stamp etc...
but they kept making a big issue out of it and they had these pretty authentic looking outfits and to be honest, how the fuck are you going to know what an offical Budapest traffic cop looks like?
They could come out wearing an outfit from valdimer lenins closet circa 1930 and you would never know the difference.

So anyways ya they will ask for money etc..

lonley planet says to say no and ask to see thier manager at which point they will say and say they will have to ethier arrest you and you could be deported.

So pretty much you are fucked. Here is the one good thing though they ask for something like 10,000 forint which works out to maybe 12 dollars so whatever just give it to them. They only do it when you are alone and they only do it to you once cause naturally you will find out later on.

Someone told me they said they had no money and so they gave them canadian tire money.

Might work

2) Dont be a stupid loud north american!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Honestly budapest is an amazing city and has alot to offer but much like anywhere you have to smart as well. When I was there some british fucking idiot got super super fucking drunk and started singing rule britannia at the top of his lungs down the street.

He attracted alot of attention and we tried to tell him to stop but he wouldnt so we left him.

Sadly we should of forcefully stopped him and took him home. He ended up walking home singing his ass off and got mugged.

According to him he managed to hit one of his attackers with a bottle and started running and then he saw the police. When he got to the police and they saw what was going on and perhaps how much money he had they attacked him as well and took his money and left some awful looking scars on his face.

I tried to feel bad for him but really....i didint. Everyone, lonley planet, the people at the hostel and us all tried to tell him to down it down a bit but he thought he had to relive the days of empire and sing his ass off and so get got mugged and beaten up.

But at the same time they would of occured here as well so whatever.

PM if you want any other advice i am heading up late august and can report back to you



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Budapest is alright, beautiful city at night. Shitty food, good looking women, cool nightlife. Cool people in the big city way, a little cold actually. Corrupt, buildings falling apart from disrepair. High unemployment, low prices. They're fat like americans, more mcdonalds than you can believe. Beautiful baths and parks. overall nice, I didn't love it. The hostel was great if you're going that way, Backpack Guesthouse.

A cool side-trip is to go to Eger 2 hr train ride NE. It's a wine producing area, and is just awesome. It's next to the Valley of the Beautiful Women, although I didn't quite find that to be the case.
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Mr. Magyar

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1) If you are going to rent a car, make sure you leave NOTHING in it because it will be stolen. And this includes the radio. Make sure the face is detachable.

2) Take Swilly's advice and don't be a loud and obnoxious North American. Hungarians typically do not like North Americans. They will give you shitty service and it paints a bull's eye on you for pickpockets.

3) Try to find a Hungarian friend who will accompany you on your trip. Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn and there is little chance you will pick up anything in a few months. The basics are just that: basics. Other than "yes" and "no," it will be tough to string together a coherent sentence.

4) Check out Vaci utca. It's a tourist trap, but it's worth going to for sight seeing alone.

5) There may still be some archeological sites being excavated since Budapest is a very old city. They're interesting, if you're into that sort of stuff.


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^ I will agree with you that it is most definitely THE hardest language to learn.

I have heard Hunagrian my whole life(32 years) and hear it on a very regular basis..and still only know a handful of words. When my Mom and relatives speak it, I understand very little. I have also heard German my whole life from my Dad's side..much easier language to pick up.


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Originally posted by geminigirl
Ha...that is where my Mom was born.

I don't think either of us like it in the ass. But I do think we're rather cute.;)

all girls like it in the bum, they just dont know it yet!



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If they are talking to you and you don't know what they are saying just tell them

"Baszom anyad" it should be all good after that.
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born and raised.

while i will not judge any of the preceding opinions, i would like to add my favourites of my hometown, perhaps you will find them just as wonderful.

1) don't miss the museum of fine arts (szepmuveszeti muzeum). they have a breathtaking collection of old masters paintings

2) not sure if this is your cup of tea, but do go to the opera or the symphony - we sure know our music. or an organ concert in a baroque church *shivers*

3) for wandering and chilling, i recommend the margit sziget which is the biggest island smack in the middle of the city, err, the danube. it's really pretty.

4) walk in the castle district on the buda side around sunset. it's not as beautiful as prague's castle district but it sure has a flavour of the good old days

5) szentendre is a little town about half an hour outside of the city, home to many artists - it gives you a bit of an idea of what the a small town looks like elsewhere in the country

6) cafes, cafes, cafes!!!!! once you enter a hungarian "cukraszda" - the equivalent of a coffee house with LOADS of unfuckingbelievable pastries, you'll know what i am talking about

there is lots more. please feel free to pm me.

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Mr. Magyar

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Halaszbastya is also worth checking out. Szent Istvan Templom is worth a look too, if only to see Szent Istvan's hand which is on display.

Also, despite what some may say in this thread, stay away from the pastries unless you want to go into a diabetic coma.


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My dad is Hungarian, it's so funny, when he gets drunk, he starts speaking Hungarian to me... I have absolutely no idea what the fuck he is saying.
I was born and raised in Romania and my parents divorced when I was little, so I never learned Hungarian... but he never seems to remember that when he is drunk.


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have fun!!

these lovely reviews have got me wishing I could afford to travel again..


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Originally posted by Puma
Try to stay away from strip joints. Expecialy the ones where the girls stand out side and latch on to you like flys on shit and try to lure you inside. There are all kinds of scams. If you buy the girl a drink she will order something of the menu which cost $200-300 dollars. Things like that. If you refuse to pay the bouncers will kick the shit out of you. They have an ongoing problem with this.

That happened to me and my buddy in budapest... the waiter was the bouncer, insisted we buy some random girl who sat with us a drink even though she was probably the ugliest girl i saw the entire time i was in hungary, and she goes and orders a litre of cognac.. A LITRE

didn't get beat up... but i attribute that to the fact that the bouncer being my waiter scared the shit out of me from the start, so when it came time to run away like a frightened little girl, i had already mentally prepared myself for it..