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Anyone else find it a little odd...


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Connect the dots can be fun.

But it's very serious when some secret organization can install a leader into the most powerful country on Earth, who then proceeds to wage war on whoever he likes and kill thousands of people for no good reason.

Has anyone read the ingredients to the food they're eating. Do you not think the board members of Kraft Foods or McDonald's are rubbing shoulders with the board members of Pfizer. Is there really any reason why we're driving vehicles that run on fuels that are destroying our world. The fact that there are people in positions of wealth and power hob-knobbing with each other devising ways to keep each other in those positions of power at the expense of everyone else's health and welfare should make you all very angry.

But again, it is so mind-bogglingly sinister that it is really hard to comprehend. You may think this sounds paranoid, but think about all the damaging products out there marketed to everyone without a second thought, think about who are in political positions of power in the US. It is a form of nepitism that is not based on familial allegiances, but bonds forged in clubs and societies.


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Very true... except for the familial thing, there is an extremely strong familial basis for wealth and power.

Here's a little history lesson you won't find in school:

When you look behind the big American industrial giants over history like Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefellers etc. You will find that they were all controlled by, or related to a man named Daniel Payseur, who was in fact the son of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette. This same bloodline comes down through the Presidency of the US through Washington to the Bushes. This bloodline is part of a very small group that has always maintained power. These bloodlines change their names from time to time, as do the secret societies, but it's all the same families.

It all goes back to Jerusalem the the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, the Knights of Malta, the Teutonic Knights (Germany), and most importantly, the Knights Templar (France). The Knights Templar were started by the St. Clair family (same bloodline). They recruited many nobles and people of power to their organization (to join you had to give them everything) and as a result they became incredibly wealthy and powerful. Then they lent out imaginary money and ended up with entire nations in their debt (sound familiar?). In 1307 Philip the Fair owed them a ton of money (like the crown heads of Europe and the gov'ts of today) and issued secret orders to arrest all of the Templars on Firday the 13th (which is why that day is unlucky to this day). The Templars upon being ousted fled to Portugal where they became the Knights of Christ, and Scotland (where they started the Freemasons).

Major families in this bloodline are The House of Lorraine, the De Medici family (employers of Columbus and Nostradamus), Charlemagne was in there, the Plantagenets, the Windsors and the Bushes. You have to be either family or some bitchass who hands over everything to get in there.

You can even trace these bloodlines and organizations all the way back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Phoenicia, hence the obsession of ancient Babylonian and Egyptian symbolism.


OK bedtime...

Sources: The Boston Historical Genealogical Society, http://www.royalty.nu/Europe/England/Windsor/ , and good old David Icke (I know he's a nutter but he does his homework)


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Originally posted by ~atp~
I once counted the number of flopeters (a unit of measurement I patented) it took to bisect the great pyramids, and discovered it was precisely equal to the number of words in Revelations (King James ver, 4th ed), which was ALSO a PERFECT divisor into the number of kilometers between the tip of the pyramid and the apex of the supposed orbit of the 10th planet encircling the solar system.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I had a good wee giggle at this.

snorty snort snort


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Too bad that these powerful families have inbred so much that they've gone from intelligentsia to retards quite quickly.
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bob stone

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does anybody here know anything about the Rothchilds family??
how about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

i've tried digging into this secret society/conspiracy theory stuff, and it does intrigue me to the point of belief.
but the more i dig, the more i find answers that contradict other sources.
seems to me that either:

a) it's all crap. manifestations of our own FTW attitude.


b) the powers that be know that slowly people are becoming aware, and instead of censoring the issues (which makes it look more suspicious) they mobilize "trolls" to offer misinformation about the subject.


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The Rothchilds are actually related to that Daniel Payseur dude too, it's pretty wierd.

The organization (whatever you want to call it) has a great number of different sects and the bloodlines change their names constantly, making it difficult. I don't think they would have to go as far as to actively spread misinformation though, a lot of the nuts who dig this shit up are already well crazy enoughto discredit themselves. A fine example would be the aforementioned David Icke. While he does excellent Illuminati/secret society research he also claims that they're all controlled by reptiles from another dimension and keeps infusing his lectures with all of this hippie spirituality crap.


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...and I really doubt that it's a case of trying to make himself seem like he's not a threat, he truly seems to actually believe this shit.