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Anyone dig DL Incognito or Classified ?


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So is anyone diggin any of the Canadian hip hop out there right now ???

Specifically DL Incognito (who just wrapped up a hefty tour) or Classified (who also went on tour) ???

who in Canadian hip hop do you like ???
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ya i'm feelin' DL Incognito... I'm also diggin' a compliation I picked up from a friend it's called:

Maccabee media presents... "the northern horde"

it's a group of locals that have put together some tight production and conscious lyrics... I highly recommend it!

they have a website: http://www.maccabee.net check it out!

dj ra

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DL's CD is one of the best CD's of 2003.

Classified is an OK MC but an excellent producer. He produced that new Maestro tune on Muchmusic "God Bless Da Child."


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I like Incognito...Did a search to see if anyone else has posted about him before....That they did...I was gonna ask if he's canadian, but now I see this thread hath answered my q....At least his videos are better than 99% of the videos out there that claim hip hop....

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Both are dope but....

I can't find any albums on vinyll and i heard DL just dropped another.

Word uP!