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anyone been to san fran?


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if all goes well, i will be spending the weekend in san fransisco. it will be my first time there and was wondering if any tribers have been or have any info for this weekend.
i need party/club info, record shopping info and anything else that might help.
thanx in advance!
Beautiful city. Went to the endup where residents Miguel Migs and John Howard rocked it. You have the usual 1015 Folsom, but I wasn't the most impressed.

If you plan on doing any sightseeing - ie. Alcatraz, call and book a reservation ahead of time - ie. weeks/months before.


thanx a bunch for the info 'silver robot', but plans fell through. jus gunna have to do it another time. at least we'll be able to book alcatraz though.
oh well, at least i'll be able to catch jay tripwire at system.