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Anybody vaccinated against covid yet?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Just back from two months at the lake and got my second AZ shot today. I was on 4 waiting lists up north but nobody has AZ. Various reasons for not wanting to mix doses. Glad I was able to get it!


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Can confirm Jul 7th was my 2nd, Moderna, mixin mRNA w/ mRNA yo!

Injection site soreness was better this time. In the evenings day 2 and day 3 i felt a little light headed and "weird" and tired but it was really minor and not a huge deal at all. Just a few days til my +2weeks milestone!

Bernnie Federko

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I'm a month in on my remix journey. 5G reception improved, hoovering up state secrets and sending via my internal uplink modern like nobodies business.

Will say my alcohol consumption capabilities are experiencing a degradation, but whatever. Maybe that's just middle age & young children?
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