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Anybody vaccinated against covid yet?

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One of the crew got Moderna. Said nothing came up on the first dose, but got the second on Tuesday and was destroyed all yesterday.
I’ve been hearing the same thing from people. When was the last time any of us got vaccines? Boosters, yeah. A new vaccine, though? I don’t even fully understand the creation process. ...but I have my record, from when I was a kid. I’m chock full of them. Vaccines are a major reason why people are still walking around on this planet. I’ll trust science and history. We’re pretty good at some things, for elevated monkeys. ;)
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I'm not essential and I'm 41. I expect to get my vaccine ~ November. If you were to offer me the moderna or pfizer I would drop everything I was doing (including work) and would get it today.

Will reply to this post once I receive my first dose.
Wrote that March 15th. It's May 10 and I'm getting my first dose this Wednesday May 12th. Second dose scheduled for Sept 1st. Let's see if the second dose comes sooner!!