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Anybody vaccinated against covid yet?


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Wife who is a pharmacy tech just got word yesterday she's scheduled to get shot one this Sunday. Best news I've had in weeks.


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Yes got my vaccine(s) in December-January. I'm a nurse and work in a long term care hospital. I experienced no side effects except soreness at the injection site for a few days. My husband who is an essential worker probably won't get his vaccine until July or September
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I'm not essential and I'm 41. I expect to get my vaccine ~ November. If you were to offer me the moderna or pfizer I would drop everything I was doing (including work) and would get it today.

Will reply to this post once I receive my first dose.


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I got the Oxford vaccine because I fortunately fell into the 60-64 age cohort for the distribution trial. Even with all that furor in Europe over the blot clot thing. I re-read all the technical stuff on the vaccine and have been listening to the TWIV podcast for a year so I had a sense of what these vaccines are about. Also, my Dad was a longtime WHO staffer so I have already been heavily vaccinated my entire life.

My understanding from the literature is that the Oxford vaccine works well against the UK variant that is scaling in Toronto now, so at least that's something.

I broke a standard asprin into 4 and took a quarter a day b4 the shot and three days after, my lame but so far successful attempt to alleviate clotting.

My arm was sore briefly, for a day. Also I felt a bit off the first day, not even a general malaise, but it also could have been some of the new live-rosin I was trying out :)

John B was saying on twitter how he can't wait to be vaccinated so he can do stuff like go to the gym. But it's not that simple at all. There was a momentary sense of relief after the vaccination, and then a sense that not much has changed except the possibility of staying off a ventilator if I get the virus.

I look at getting the vaccine now as saving a hospital bed for someone who may need it. I am still being very careful, but feel better riding in an elevator now :)