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Anybody Use Power Backup for Electronics

Musical Rush

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Spent the day reading up on UPS, with AVR, APC brand and other brands, does anyone use a power backup that they've been pleased with?

I'm fed up with the power in this area, it's making my printer do full cleaning each time the power fucks up , it's eating up my $$$$ ink!!


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I use some Cyberpower 800 AVRs. They're nice, compact(really oversized power bars), and usually last long enough to deal with the short(less than 15 minute) power bumps we often get in Saskatoon.


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I use APC for my desktop area, structured media panel which includes the DSL modem and new firewall and also with my home theatre gear in the living room.

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I use APC as well, Pro 1500 model.

Just had to replace the battery too and process was painless - batteries easily available on amazon/ebay even for my slightly older unit!