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anybody remember MULTIDIMENSIONAL?


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i think he went under a different name before OR after OR both but he was a LIVE PA out of winnipeg. my 10 year old info tells me his real name was jason khan. i dug up a couple discs of his stuff and was just curious if anybody knows what he is up to these days?

the original mix of OCEAN still plays in my head from time to time despite the passing of a decade since hearing it. sweet memories of driving to winnipeg for him, chris liberator, mark EG and then driving straight home with no sleep in between (about a 31 hour journey).
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His older stuff (pre 2000) was out as Subculture.

Jason put out tons of great stuff. His set at that party (Destined for Utopia) was in my opinion one of his best live ones... not sure what he has been up to, I've been away from Winnipeg since 2005...


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yes... utopia... i remember the big mural / sign at the front.
and i do believe i still have some pictures of a man by the name of jazzsax from the same event.


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hey plays as Ali Khan now. Freaking brilliant productions as recently as 2006 were making it to UK compilations. He took a bit of a hiatus, but is back now. He just played at the MEME festival (MEME) and blew the crowd away. Hopefully he stays in the game for awhile, love his productions.
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INTERESTING! I've heard that one too, but I'm not quite sure how that would happen, although if anyone could make it happen, it's Steven Moffat.