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Anybody here work in a GIS-related shop?


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There's never been much mention of it, so I thought I'd throw the question out there...

Personally, I'm hoping to relocate to the GTA and find work in a GIS-related business. Particularly in application design specific to GIS. So, naturally, I'm curious to know if there might be any Tribers who are already where I want to be.

I know its a long-shot, but ya never know...



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I probably use GIS about 15% of the time here at Assante, not a GIS related shop in anyway though. Usually no time, and I contract it out.

Most of my classmates do work for MapInfo, ESRI, doing various things. Others are in the location based analysis type of applications however.


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Originally posted by deep
swilly is in gis

how helpful that ends up being to you, I have no idea.

I faintly remember reading that somewhere before. Too bad he is overseas. Maybe he coulda landed me a job in Canada.
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jason klaps

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There is a GIS shop at my work... they use MapInfo I believe. We use PushNSee to put the maps on the web, so users can move around and get some data out of it.

Unfortunately they aren't hiring at the moment.