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Anybody familiar with SSIS?


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I just started using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and have some questions mainly about version control across different environments.

Say you create a set of SSIS packages in development and your destination sources point to your development server/database.

Then, for UAT, you need a separate set of SSIS packages.

It seems sort of counter productive to have two sets of SSIS packages (one for DEV and one for UAT) to maintain doesn't it. I'm dealing with two different databases on the same server; is there any way to only have one set of SSIS packages but, somehow, only change a config file to point to which instance I want to load to?

As I ask this, I'm almost doubtful because when you define your destination source in the SSIS packages, I point to a specific database and table. If I have this set up in DEV, I'm not sure a config file can actually change where the destination is pointing to between UAT and DEV.

Thoughts? Sorry, got a bit wordy there.
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