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any thoughts on the new basement jaxx album?


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Does anyone have any thoughts on the new Basement Jaxx album?

I can't seem to stop playing it.. Am I the only person who thinks its the album of the year?

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basement jaxx got a new album? what's it called? that last one was wiggiddy whack! 'sept for that funny video with those scary monkeys, and i used to play 'get me off' to be funny. i can't imagine what a new basement jaxx album would sound like.


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i picked that shit up on wax!!!! They have really come into their own with this one, brilliant

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We bought it on vynil (me and my girlfriend) and we're loving it. Great flavour! Im finding it to be a little danceable than it is listenable.
Rooty i think is still their best.
But this one deffinatly rocks some part of someones clothing.


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Kist Kash is an immense album and the Dizzee Rascal tune in unbelievable- also like the fact that another song is called Cish Cash- nice play on words.


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Originally posted by duggystyler
and i used to play 'get me off' to be funny.

U gotta be kidding me. GET ME OFF is probably one of the best tracks the JAXXs ever made

Rooty is the best of the three albums "Hands down"
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i have a couple good tunes off that, but on the flip of one of them is a god-awful tune i just can't stand.
i am a jaxx fan though.

JAR, i'll play some tunes off it saturday!