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Any school with Recording Engineer Program?


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You know any school?

my little sister will join in my dream as a recording engineer in the future

anyway, ya. she is in grade 12 in BC.
needs to find some school info for her.
there are a lot of info on this online,
but i want to get the info of a school
it is affordable and in a school setting..

thanks for your help in advance.



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i'm going to harris for the producing/engineering program. it's a one-year program costing $11,000. they also offer a business stream for people who want to get into artist/label management, marketing, promotion, etc...


there's also trebas institute and fanshawe (which is in london). i've only heard mostly horror stories about trebas. fanshawe is supposed to be quite good but i believe it's two years long.

if you want kumi, just send me an email or have your sister send me an email if she has any questions - beaker@ukhardhouse.com

doublecross and che go to harris too.