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any parties march 9th-17th????


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hey I'm going ot be in vancouver in march for a week. I really want to find a party t go to.
I'm 18 so I'll see if I can scam an ID before I leave but any jungle nights would be best.
but I'll put up w/ anyhting.... well almost.
I've cchecked out loungex.com etc.
if anyone can help it would be amazing.
I'll post my ICQ# once I get home./
thanks .
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Roni Size is here on the 5th so that won't be good for ya.

Aphrodite is here on the 15th and Dieselboy is here on the 14th. I'm not sure but I think both are 19+ events. Tix for aphrodite are 17 bux and i'm not sure about diesel boy. U can by them at FF on Granville st...i forget the number but look it up in the phone book when ya get here.

As for parties....i don't think they're worth checking out...most of them are at the plaza of nations....sorta like parties at the CNE....and they're usually mad expensive! It'll run ya 40-50 bux.

Jungle isn't really big around here...there are a few jungle nites here and there. After hour places are a all ages but u usually have to look around for them....a lot of them are in gas town.

If you like house than you're in luck...if u hate house like me...then it's hell here. There is house every where!!

If ya like breaks, there's a good breaks nite at lotus lounge on mondays...and 7 alexander on wednesdays. Wetbar is ok on thursdays. All are 19 + though.

Hope this helps.


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thanks man.
I'm definatly going to have to go to diesel boy ohhh shit!
I'd love to see roni size.
(have you hears the new method man track roni size produced its fucking sick! )
thanks for the info.
I'm not big on house. but my brother spins tech house so I'll have to put up w/ it for a week.
anyone know of anyhting not mentionned yet let me know


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any parties tonight.
saterday the 10th.
I'm bored.
need music.
need to dance.,
if anyone has info , and needs someone to party w/ just let me know
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