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Any K-pop lovers here?

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I like Big Bang. I think their music is fine, of course I don't understand a word, but still... haha
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K-pop might be attractive because it picked up the stylings of different genres. But I don't listen to it. I prefer hip-hop. If I were to look at hip-hop as a whole, then it's a style where you pay more attention to the words than the music itself - that's its unique feature. It's a great way to convey something to the listener. That's why I like the work of those performers whose text carries some kind of positive meaning.


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There's also K Hip-Hop which is , you guessed it, more of a true hip hop sub-genre. Although K-Pop often features rap type lyrics, the beats are less drummy and more commercial. Same for J-POP for Japan, these genres are extremely big in Asia.