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Any fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000?


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Too bad that this great show had to go off the air. It was one of a kind, a beacon of what can be done with goofy comedy, even with lame puppetry. They had fun, and we had fun. Prefer the Joel season, but Mike had a few good shows in him as well. I hear now that Joel writes for the Daily Show.

I just wish that Comedy Central or something would show the old episodes, instead of having to buy the old ones on dvd, for lots of money, but missing most of the episodes, they have yet to put out.

Would rather just see it for free, then tape it..lol

My fave is Mano's The Hand Of Fate. That may be the single worst movie ever made.
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i used to like this show .. i wish i could watch it now (haven't seen it for at least 10 years ..)
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Comedy Central isn't available here legally...do you mean the Comedy Network?

Anyway, the reason why it hasn't been shown here is that in order for a broadcaster to air it, they have to clear the rights to every film clip..an expensive and tedious process, and the owners of the clips could potentially say no. That may be what has held up the DVD releases too.


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I was just introduced to this recently and have laughed my ass off. I'll admit, though, that I skip through the introduction and between-scene segments and just watch the movies. It's fairly edgy comedy, considering the hokey opening sequence and all.

I didn't know movies of that quality existed outside of high school A/V studios. The most recent one I watched, Samson & The Vampire Hunters (or something) was probably hand-picked solely for the scene where the Mexican wrestler comes to fight off the street-thug vampires. The one with the Canadian Zombie movie was also (really satisfying) agony to sit through.


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MST3K was the funniest shit on the planet to me when i was younger.

i found the movie for $3 at IGA and wore that shit right down.

-*bangbangbang* Are you boys cooking down there?
-Are you making an interocitor?

-You know, all the problems of a honky guy and a wormy sidekick don't amount to a hill of beans in this town...
-Hey! A moth equipped with a lightning bug!

-We won't start cracking the whip on Meacham until tomorrow. Then i ram my ovipositer down your throat and lay my eggs in your chest... but i'm not an alien!!


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i just found someone on Soulseek with at least 5 or 6 of them, and the ' movie '.
my GF's gonna freak !
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