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Witch Club in London ,Ont Has A big after hrs partyin goin on any one know any big events comming to this town its very quite in this town since i moved here a month ago andy feedback thanks.. only that has to do wit house and trance..
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Bernnie Federko

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only thing i heard about was a mass murder in a farmers field 2 nights ago. Could've had something to do with all the Biker House that's been makin' the 'rounds since 2000.




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a friend of mine goes to western and is living in london
and ive partied done there with him a few times
we checked out chus and ceballos at phoenix once. i remember seeing a flier with the months events and recall seeing tim patrcik in that line up
im not sure if those parties are still happening though. doesnt seem like it was that long ago, but it could have been up to a year ago


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Your basically going to want to hit Phoenix mostly. The Colleseum is mainly trance and house as well although I don't know if it's still open. 29 & Park if your into that type of thing. The after hrs scene is genreally dictated by some after parties at downtown apartments, don't knock it - it's good times when you get to know the right people.

If i remember correctly , there was a big event a couple of weeks ago. 8 dj's , a couple of vocalists and a live drummer at phoenix... don't know how that went
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yea nice pic lol last time i live here was three yrs ago and the big house club that was goin on here was Rage night club but not sad to say turn into a goth place wat i wast i say sorri to all goths but there needs to be some kind of promotion to get this town goin all the records stores that sold house and trance witch are Dr disc and release Records thes town needs help and the pheonix night club its not much help really mostly commerical dance nothing really special Rage night club witch is called dissent now should of stayed as it was ,, it was just as good as Lush night club in hamilton witch i miss alot... well jus have to keep my eyes open and see wat will happen... anyone know anything special comming up plse keep me update ty..