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Any Akai APC20 (or APC40) users?


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Thinking of getting this unit for use in Traktor, want to ask a few questions to someone who knows the machine well and has used it outside of ableton..



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I had looked in to this at one point too (actually I was more interested in using LauchPad with Traktor) before I fell in love with my Kontrol X1's ... There is a lot of threads on the ableton forums full of info and mappings... there are also a few cool youtube vids of various setups and uses of the APC/Traktor combo.

There is also a piece of software someone has written as a bridge between the hardware and the software for bi-directional communication, like the native APC is with Ableton.. eg. Making the LEDs on Traktor trigger the LEDs on the Launchpad.. so you can have a visual cue for what is going on just by looking at the controller and which LEDs are lit (or which color is enabled of the 3/4 available)


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I"ve only used it with ableton, but it's pretty solid. although I end up using it primarily as test model, and do all the actually writing in the arrange window, w/out the help of the mpc 40....

I would like to see how it runs with traktor though...that would be a significant advance..


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after watching those videos, I feel like I'm barly using the mpc40 to its potential..thanks...