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Anuj on Air 014

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by foreveranuj, May 16, 2010.

  1. foreveranuj

    foreveranuj TRIBE Member

    Station : Sense FM
    Show : Anuj on Air
    Episode : 014
    Aired on : May 15, 2010
    DJ : Anuj
    Genre : Prog Trance
    Format : MP3 - 320KBps
    Duration : 1hr


    1. Lustral & Terry Bones vs. Karen Overton - Your Loving Satellite Falls Down (Marcin Borycki Mashup)
    2. Fast Distance - Last Night Without You (Amex Rmx)
    3. Mark Pledger feat. Melinda Gareh - Time Stands Still (7 Skies Rmx)
    4. Feeltz & Leo feat. Aneym - Mistaken (White Stars Rmx)
    5. Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky & Sand (Dave Martin & Hamvai P.G. & R. Winny Rmx)
    6. Luigi Lusini - Set You Free (Bahamut) (LL Rmx)
    7. Eva Kade - Pushing Hands To The Heaven (Platinum Monkeys Rmx)
    8. Pete Tha Zouk & Abigal Bailey - I'm Back Again (Adam K & Soha Rmx)
    9. Luigi Lusini - Imago (Original Mix)
    10. Erik Hakansson - Morning Light (Marcus Gauntlett Rmx)

    Download: Anuj - Euphoric Mixes
    iTunes podcast: DJ Anuj pres. 'Trance, Global' and 'AoA' - Download free podcast episodes by Anuj on iTunes.

  2. ozone

    ozone TRIBE Member

    this mix is freaking good.
  3. SeRo

    SeRo TRIBE Member

    I haven't listened to much trance or prog in the last few years, but I'd heard the Kalkbrenner track elsewhere and thought I'd give this mix I try. I'm glad that I did. Thanks for sharing.
  4. rawd

    rawd TRIBE Member

    Tell me how does man, eh, please to be licking a womans anuj. Eees nice, I liiiiike

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