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Anti-Valentines Friday 13th--Frankie Gunns?


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A friend of mine is organizing this night at B-Side, so I have to go, but I don't know what to expect. Is Frankie Gunns jungle or something?
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Frankie Gunns is everything jungle should be.


you should catch him in all his glory at his birthday party at splinter


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I'm not really into jungle, which is why I don't know him, I suppose. I like ot be introduced to new things, and I have a tenuous relationship with jungle, so hopefully he will be good, and help convert me....

The other person playing in this night is Akira: anyone heard of him, assuming it's a him? And is anyone else planning on going to this? It's for a good cause: $10 cover, all proceeds going to new arts ventures.
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Okay, I know none of you fuckers are coming to this, but just in case you're interested, there's going to be fortune telling and original art for sale as well.