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anti-football sentiment

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gotta use it

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You fuckers gotta stop posting this shit during the Superbowl god damn it. I just missed seeing an interception.
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I wasn't picked first or last.

I used to follow university basketball in high school and college football... notre dame all the way... 'cause they are a tough academic catholic school ... so I can sort of relate, kind of. But now.. I am not interested in sports.. i dunno why.
I suck.


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i was watching it earlier with the roommates but i kept commenting on how nice their bums looked in the shiny pants and i got kicked out :(
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I was picked last for dodge ball and didn't even make my junior year team but I preserved and now I'm living that dream.


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hopefully next year my forehead will be protruded the extra two inches I'll need to be into football.


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i dont mind football but the one thing i dont get is

WHY THE FUCK CALL IT FOOTBALL??????????????????????????????????????????????????

They only touch it with thier feet for like maybe .05 percent of the game. The rest of it is spent with it in thier hands.

who honestly came up with the idea to call a game where you handle the ball with your hands football and a game where you use your feet scoccar.

Well mind you this is the same country that produced george bush

so there you are i answered my own question
stupid yanks

The Tesseract

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Uhhh swill... Football was invented by Canadians.

the yanks, just fucked it up by giving it hype, a silver trophy and a narrower and shorter field.
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