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Anthony Rother


New Member

For all of you Tribers that are looking for a NEW and EXCITING experience...one where you shall find yourself dancing so hard that you almost feel as if you are about to fly...please go to the above website and vote for:


Anthony Rother - Evil, dark, YUMMMY, SeXXXy ELEKTRO. An experience you will NEVER forget. I had my first dose of Anthony Rother two years ago. His live show is surreal...beyond your wildest fantasy! If you like breaks....you will love elektro...

The Dukes - If you're down with funky, hard, deep luscious Techno...you do NOT want to miss these two crazy boyz! They will have your a**ses shaking for hours!

Take care, please place your votes, and see you on March 16th!

I am a HUGE Rother fan, and I had no idea he was going to be @ Wintergalactic - count me in.

For all you morpheus-ers out there, do yourself a favour and search for 'anthony rother' and for 'little computer people' - if you like that German retro-elektro sound Rother's the man....