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Anthony Pappa @ System.


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Yes, it's 2:30am, and I'm already home...I'm a lame ass.....ANYWAYS...

It was great meeting up with a good sized crew beforehand at Tortilla Flats....and after a *little* confusion at the door of System, I made my way in....thanks again Will!!!

Before I was there long, I saw SO many recognizable Tribe faces....it was like behind the DJ booth was a little Tribe party...and Matt Coleridge spun a wikked opening set, and ended it off with Ludicris's remix of "West End Girls", fukkin' loved it!!!

Shouts go out to all the Usual Suspects, as well as some new people I met, like Janiecakes and Booty Bits...and I loved the ass-grabbing, courtesy of Mingster and Malglo;)

Also, have to comment on the new layout of System....the main room looks WAY better with the back wall knocked out, and the bar inserted in the middle....and I was saying this to Cheezwhiz, and a couple others, how there was a really good atmosphere in the club tonight, like something "new" was going on.....



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Thank God there was a million people there that I liked and for Che (who I didn't get to see at all) for the list because if I actually had to pay for it, I would've been pissed.

I drank 5 beers but I was sober. Weird.

BAD music. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD! I can't give a proper review because I hated it so much. At some points, it didn't look like I did but that's cuz I still wanted to have a good time. Which I did. But not my cup of tea. I'll reiterate: BAD BAD BAD BAD.

And I don't think I have a bias cuz I remember many nights where I enjoyed the music on a Friday.

But Coleridge was really good. That kept me sane.
And Pappa DID drop a weird vocal remix of "Bedtime Story" by Madonna so I had high hopes. Oh well. I'll stop whining.

The funnest part of the night was trying to figure out how to get in. Thanks Will. Again, don't feel bad.

Ange, you left too soon. Mel, you're still gorgeous. Liz, you're bossy and sexy. Jane, you're just a ray of sunshine. Par-T, your energy inspires me. Toby, I think you were flirting with me. Josh, you have my hat, you man whore. Keith and Lori, trance is ass. Nat, you're adorable. Cheeka, stylin' as usual. Alchemy, clapping is BAD. Cheezwhiz, could've walked home together. Vinder, Jay and Rob, share next time. H&M, SO much energy. Sean, I like you. James, Sugar, Timo, I don't think I saw you guys shake even a finger! Jay, GIVE HIM HELL! JayRev, Che AND Finary, LOOK no TOUCH! Stacey, Kenny, Laura, Kadina ya didn't miss much.



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Recognised some faces from the tribe pic threads.but, never said hi.




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Originally posted by JayIsBored
anthony pappa sucks ass.

Even Michael Jordan will have a bad night now and then. You obviously haven't hear enough of Pappa to make a comment like that.
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Special K

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I was kind of disappointed with Pappa. I really enjoyed the first half hour of his set but after that it was all downhill for me. I just could not get into his music. Way too boring for me. I dunno, maybe it was just me and the fact I was really tired but I did not enjoy his set at all and left 2 hours into his set. Highlight of the night was hearing Headstrong twice, but other than that Pappa was pretty uneventful, in my eyes anyways.

Matt Coleridges opening set rocked though, that West End Girls track is THE SHIT!!!


Special K

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Originally posted by Wunderbar

Even Michael Jordan will have a bad night now and then. You obviously haven't hear enough of Pappa to make a comment like that.

yea even though he didnt really impress me last night id still go see him if he were to ever come to Toronto again. Ive heard he can rock it with the best of them when he is ON!!!
But last night was a little too much Bog Standard Prog Fodder for my liking.


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Sunny--I guess you don't know us well enough yet: Timo and I usually keep the seats warm for everyone else out of the goodness of our hearts. We would like to get up and dance, but alas, that would mean abandoning the precious seats that our friends so need when it is time for a break. Seriously though, last Friday at Element (and briefly at the Savannah Lounge) I *did* shake my booty quite a bit. It just takes the right music. As for James: he is usually up and dancing the whole night, last night was an exception.

I must say that I too found the music to be quite boring. Even the VIP room (don't know why I still call it that), which was playing what I call "fun trance" (and if you know me at all, I don't really like any trance, "fun" or not), was more of a draw. People actually looked like they were having fun dancing in there.

Many thanks to Vinder, who attempted to expose my chest not once, but twice! Well, at least maybe that indicates that my chest is worth seeing? Even with the rash?!

My biggest thanks goes out to Hal-9000--you paid me the sweetest compliment and it made my night. Sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you and Jane when we left--who knows, maybe you guys were gone already.

Kalemic--it was so great to hang out with you again :) Sorry that your night wasn't entirely perfect, but I could tell you had a good time nevertheless. Hope you enjoyed Timo's "dirty table show" in the VIP room.

The person who left a half-full pack of smokes with a joint in it on a table in the VIP room---THANKS!!!!

Tearer--Hey sexy! Too bad we didn't really get to talk much, but who needs talk anyways? Hope you have fun in Montreal.

SUNKIST--Yay for our new secret cigarette handshake! Now I feel special too :)

Joey--I'm so glad you showed up! What a nice surprise. I hope your friend enjoyed his night ;)

James--thank you so much for being our chauffeur and making the night happen for us. Thank us for keeping you from eating street meat :p

The new people I met--Cheeka and Metal Morphosis: you guys were both cuties--hope to see you around soon!

All the usual suspects: Par-T (it's been so long!), JIB (hope you felt a bit better after we left), Keith (don't worry, our pizza party WILL happen), Sunny (thanks for not coming to our afterparty :p), Ritika (thanks for getting our hopes up that you'd come to our afterparty, and then disappointing us yet again :p), Rosey (good to share the couch with you), Liz (lets go sing Christian songs some day)...anyone I've forgotten, I still love you.


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everytime i go to system for fridays, i vow never to go again. last night was yet another clincher. this time, my night was totally soured by the rude fuckers who were running the door.

i really wish all the fun people would find another friday night to hang out at...


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Originally posted by beaker
i really wish all the fun people would find another friday night to hang out at...

Might I suggest Element? Always a good night guaranteed and CHEAPER too.
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orange richie

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:mad: Arrrrrhhh!

I wanted to go so bad cuz I've been missing Pappa everytime he comes to T.O. I was 1/4 way to getting downtown and decided to go back. <--- I've been realy sick this whole week and although I'm feeling better I didn't want to push my luck, Oh well at least I tried and judging from the reviews he sucked last night.

What pissed me off the most is not getting to party with all you tribers that we're down there. There's still quite a few of you that I havn't met and a lot of you I like to hang with. Plus I havn't been anywhere since the Tribe Cottage Crackout. I'll stop whinning now:p

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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element eh? i'm game.

pappa - thumbs down, painfully bad
renovations - thumbs down, the bar at the back and that back room look good, but having all the bass bins at the front makes the room stupidly smaller and the sound awful
sound system - awful! there is so much echo and pop and hiss in that room.

bongo drum guy - please stop, you are nowhere near the beat

people - good people :) thanks to everyone who put up with my broken brain ;)

cheeka - you said 'i'm krissy' and i thought you said 'you're rosey' .....and that led to a confused and awkward introduction, oh well. :D


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system is ass.
the promoters are ass.
the music is ass.
the temperature is ass.
the renovations are ass (well they arent actually but it ruines the flow of my post if i said they were nice)
the money gouging hand washing lady in the bathroom is ass.
yet again i go to system, yet again i find my self grumpy and saying i wont ever go back. for real this time. im sick of getting dicked around by the stupid people at the door (Will this isnt directed at you) and the nite always ends up costing more than anticipated.so ya.
however, because of the slamming trance room (whats up with that?) and some awesome friends, last nite was made tolerable, thanks to everyone! happy hardcore thanks to:Allison, my Brother, Sunnykins(you need to learn to like trance), Keithy (clearly the Lori and Keith VIP room was were it's at), Vinder (even though you were trashed and i hardly saw you :) ) Chrissy (thanks for the sweater)and like a million other people.
best part of the whole nite was random conversations in the VIP room with super fucked up people.
*really tall high guy*- my IQ is 160, im just reeeeeaaaallly high right now..so do you want to come in my time machine? theres room for 4.
*me*- riiiiiiight....


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some ratings for the evening...

friendly tribe faces 10
atmosphere 10
pappa 3.5
porter 7.5 (+.5 extra for being a nice guy)
tanya 10+ for letting me be the strobe light guardian
matt 9 nice set, banging it out as always til around 1...
binary finary in the vip lounge 10

you can see the people make the party sometimes & the djs come second...last night was truly representative of this...pappa played some nice tunes, but overall i found his set lacking pacing & energy...

steve porter did an excellent job from the minute he stepped on the decks...nice & hard & a totally good guy...

so great to meet so many new faces & so many familiar faces again...thanks mel & toby for organizing the pre drinks...& hopefully see everyone again soon...

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Cheer Bear

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i didn't go. tortilla flats was cool for the couple minutes i was there. nice seeing james again.

sunny is hot

i saw my fiance too


B&B was cool, Laura rocks. My ex didn't know what hit him. thanx girl ;)




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oh geez. i apologize to everyone i was a complete ASS to last night. sugar, i'm double sorry for the shirt incident, if it's any consolation i could care less about the rash!

coleridge in my mind stole the show, what an opening set! the west end girls track, AHHHHH! so good!

pappa was kinda ass. a bit boring for me, but as i was slightly inebriated, it didn't bother me as much.

steve porter brought the energy level back however, and i did enjoy his set for the hour or so that i heard.

it's been said already, but i'd like to repeat it again. the music may not have been the best, but the people made the party last night.


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hey hey!

was awesome seeing everyone out last night... thanks malia and heather for a predrink destination... also thanks to everyone for entertaining matt (my sisters bf) who came with jay and I.. he kept talkin about the interesting people that jay and i know all the way home:)

shouts to leogirl :) was nice meeting you -- hope you met a few more people after i stopped the introductions;)




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well, add me to the list of people that fucking loved that Pet Shop Boys track... Matt was wicked. Anthony Pappa had me for the first while, but then got really boring. That, however, gave me an excuse to do some rounds, which I rather enjoyed.

Nice to see you again, Liz - I'd forgotten what I looked like for a bit:) Derek - I never knew you could ballroom dance!! Hehe.... Ricky - wow, someone was feeling friendly! Joey - so glad you came out *muah*! Thanks for the compliment, Ritika... Lisa wins the award for Coolest Shirt of The Evening by far... John, you are a sweatheart! Sunny, you were brave about the whole experience - congrats.

So...yeah.... great to see everyone out, and thanks to the predrink crew at my place my recycling bin is teeming with Rev bottles:) Good convo passed the time till Steve Porter came on, and wow! Way to bring everything back up again! This guy rocked, and who better to party with than Brian Orser??? :)
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Thank god I saved my $15 and spent it on a drink and some food @ the B&B.

I'm upset I didn't get to party with some of the Tribe people, but by the sounds of it, I would of HATED the music last night.

So it's all good.

Nice meeting a few new faces... and it was great to spend the evening with Laura and others :D



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oh! im sucha tool. how did i forget my beans! fave! so good to have you out partying with us last nite. and remember that guy who looked like you? the alter-joey? i kicked him in the shins for you.


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this night was most def about the crowd and vibe amongst the tribers. coleridge played a wicked opening set. his sound is constantly progressing and maturing. very nice! i won't begin to mention all the peeps i haven't seen in months. it was wonderfull seeing all of you. you all made my night. it was nice meeting mingster, booty bits, bonnie, and vicky for the first time. pappa was ok. he's one of the very few djs that can't seem to live up to his mix cd (nu breed). the renovations are alright. a change was needed. the guestlist people/bouncers are a bunch of fucknuts...oh well. i must have known about 150 peeps in there. how can i go wrong? 'til next time... :)

oh yeah, steve porter was a super nice guy. respect to him!


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Pappa was boring as fuck. Everytime I heard a buildup, I was let down. It could have been an off night. I was trying to convince some peeps to come with me, to tell Pappa to CHANGE THE RECORDS!!! But alas, I know it's taboo, and some of you were afraid of getting kicked out. Pussies. Porter & Coleridge were alright but I was conserving energy at the time, and well, burn on me. I will say that Pappa got pretty slammin at about 3:45, but I was too fuck-tired by then....

As always, it's the people. :) So. Many. Tribers!

After Tortilla Flats we all headed to System, at which point the air was so thick with confusion, I couldn't even remember my name. 4 of us went in, and I was so sad.....but John said "Don't worry Mel, they'll come in". And you did! And I was so pleased. Thanx John for the pass. You is da best. ;)

As for everyone else, always a pleasure. Shout outs to the TBK massive! And to the ass grabbing massive. So much ass grabbing going on last night, and ass spanking, THAT was uncalled for. ;)



WTF was everyone telling me to go see Anthony Pappa? THat was the worst set I've tried to listen to, yeah I tried, I even went to the little hole of a basement to listen to house (HOUSE IS ASS) WTF? For all you people that said pappa was a good dj to see, you need a punch in the face.

GO CHEEKA for going up to the DJ booth and telling Anthony Pappa that he was playing ASS!!!! Though she was obviously more eloquint about it. Still that was great!

DEEP GROOVE ROCKED last night, yeah most of you don't like trance so whatever, they were playing good old trance :D Though the VIP room was filled with so many fuct up people it wasn't fun, good thing I know how to kick step and flail my arms.

It was great to see some many people, listing them would be redundant since I just saw you a couple hours ago and we all know each other.

Over all thanks to the friends that showed up it was a fun night....
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