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Anthony Bourdain-RIP


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I was so surprised and sad to hear of his passing. Kate Spade and now this.

I watched all his shows and loved his honesty and free spirit.

No one will ever know what goes through someone’s mind but sadly this is becoming more and more common.

If nothing else I hope this continues to bring attention to mental health and the need to remove the stigma associated with depression, anxiety, etc.

Safe travels and RIP.
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The Kid

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I don't usually give much thought to celebrities but I was a massive fan, loved (all) his shows, books, etc. This hit me hard, every weekend one thing I really look forward to is a new episode Sunday night after dinner. I guess he's found peace now. Going to make Cacio e Pepe tonight, crush a few beers and watch a couple of my favourite episodes... :-[

Klubmasta Will

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This is very sad news. We are fans of Anthony Bourdain, and would often look up his old shows for restaurant recommendations when visiting new places. My wife called me this morning when she saw the news, and we reminisced about great times at restaurants in Istanbul and Paris that we sought out because of past episodes of 'No Reservations'. One of my all-time favourite food experiences was at Chez Robert et Louise, in the Le Marais district of Paris, which we visited entirely because of Anthony Bourdain's amazing stories from this place. My wife and I were newly married at the time, and this is one of our favourite memories from that trip.

Rest In Peace, and thanks for the great times and memories.
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Another good man down. A culinary and cultural missionary, who brought both the beauty and underbelly of the world to the masses. ...and highlighted the universality of the human spirit in doing so.

This is super shitty.
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I've been making my way through No Reservations even though I've already seen most of the episodes. In S3E5(Russia) he described Putin as a shorter Donald Trump...this was in 2014.