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Anthony Attalla @ The Gallery


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WOW WOW WOW - What a treat for the ears the heart and the feet. Just when you think they could not take this music to another level. He just kept coming at you with track after track of pounding ryhtmic basslines and dark vocal tracks. He was in the driver seat trunig left and right and then just hit the gas on the straight away; giving his passengers the ride of their lives.

The Motor City crew stopped by to see how they party at the Gallery and they added that extra layer of energy and vibe.

Sydney Blu complimented the night with another set of brand new tracks and virtuoso skills on the mixer.

The last hour at the Guv was an extra treat. Oliver dropped one of Mylos latest releases and closed out with some news on Mylo that he is not well at this time and asked us to keep him in our thoughts.

Great to see some new and familiar faces. To my boys once again another evening for the history books.


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Anthony was really good! loved the tunes he was playing!
and Sydney Blu rocked it once again! she never lets me down!

was really digging nathan barato's set to! a little techy towards the end.. me rikey
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I knew that! that's why your obvious absence in those two locales is raising my eyebrow. or that's just the 'go to bed you fucking nerd' eyebrow twitch.

either way, didn't see ya.


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man in the middle

so three guys in the same room; in close proximity to the DJ booth (and it's a small booth)

all I can say that I was probably blocking groove's view to ev


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There has to be some sort of dance floor vortex at this place that makes people invisable!

I went there a couple of weeks ago to meet a group of friends and after roaming around for over an hour, I left assumming they had gone somewhere else only to find out they were there all night and I never saw them. :confused:
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might of?

side story: way back in 99 myself and angus robinson (then the madhatter) were booked a jam in london at the wave and just before my set angus blew the monitor which then caught fire. best part of it was an enclosed dj booth, so using the house system to mix wasn't really an option.