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Anthony Attalla @ Beba


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Solid night of dirty beats at Beba last night. First time catching all of these djs and it was a great thursday night. The opener, Paul Lavallee dropped some sick, twisted electro -was really groovin' it. Sydney Blu kicked it up a notch and then Attalla did a great job of working the room. Would highly recommend catching him at Footwork tonight or in the Gallery on Saturday.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Oh what a night to remember

caught his set at the Gallery holy deep dark dirty beats and bass lines and vocal tracks. He had great support from his fanbase who came all the way from the Motor City to see him deliver the goods to a room full of energy. Just wish I had gotten my hands on the demo he was passing around.


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nice. know some of the detroit folks.. a good bunch :) they were at footwork on friday too..

i heard one of the subs caught fire, i think one of the detroit crew put it out.. guess Antalla was on fire ;)